Your Loyal Dog Can Teach You About Loyal Clients

Man’s best friend is known for being loyal. Dogs will stick by your side, comfort you and protect you. Most of the time, they lie around having a “lazy dog” kind of day. The things that get them active excited can teach you how to engage your clients so they become loyal clients.

An unexpected noise or movement.

Dogs jump up when they hear or see something unusual. When someone is at the door or something is going on outside, they will let you know about it. In your business, your clients take notice when you surprise and delight them. Pick up the phone. Send an instant message. Put something in the mail. They weren’t expecting it and it gets them excited about your business.

Food prep or eating.

Your dog probably sticks close to your side when there is food around. They are hoping for some crumbs or extra special treats from you. When you reward your clients with nuggets of help, they appreciate it and will stay by your side.

Time to play.

Dogs jump up when someone grabs a dog toy, or when it’s time to go outside or for a car ride. How can you make it FUN to work with you? Hold a contest. Host an appreciation event. Laugh with your clients and enjoy them. Then they will enjoy working with you.

When you give them some attention.

Your dog probably perks up when you give him some attention. Pet him or snuggle with him and he’s probably completely engaged with you. Give your clients recognition for accomplishments or reward for their loyalty. When it’s appropriate, share their successes in a company newsletter or on social media. Your clients want YOU. So when you give them your attention, they are more loyal to you.

When you come home.

Your dog has missed you, and when you return home it’s party time! Just like your dog, your clients miss you when they haven’t heard from you in a while. Keep the lines of communication open and they will be excited to hear from you.

When clients are more engaged with you, they will be more loyal to you – just like your dog. That means they will be excited to work with you and will stand by your side and defend you if anyone criticizes you. We all need loyal clients to support our business in good times and bad.

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How do you engage your clients? Have you found something that works for you? Do you have a dog? What gets them excited and engaged? Can you apply that to working with clients? Share in the comments below.

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