Why Service Professionals Need a Client Appreciation Plan

If you are in the service industry, you deliver mostly intangibles to your clients.  They may have a bigger bank account, a smaller waistline, or a beautiful website when they are done working with you, but most of what you do for them they can’t physically see. A client appreciation gift can be a tangible reminder of you.

When they see the bill from a service professional, it’s easy to question the value.  They look at the bottom line and get a case of sticker shock. Clients may feel like there is nothing to show for the money spent.  The next step is for the client to reevaluate their spending and drop your service.

Client Appreciation Gift

Client Appreciation Gift

One way to combat this problem is to send them a physical reminder of your relationship.  Sending a client appreciation gift to thank clients for their business makes them feel appreciated. It also gives them something tangible to associate with you.

Even though the cost of the client appreciation gift is far less than the value of your service, it gives them a feeling of receiving greater value from you.  If you can give them something lasting or meaningful, it solidifies that feeling of value.

The simple act of giving a meaningful gift can change your client’s experience from sticker shock and buyer’s remorse to a feeling of WOW!  Now they are willing to do more business with you and are more apt to tell others about you.  Although nothing changed in the service you provide, everything changed in your client’s perception of the value.  And the benefit to you is lower client turnover and a higher number of referrals.

If you are a service professional who knows you need to add client appreciation gifts to your marketing plan, sign up for a Relationship Review phone call. On this phone call, we’ll identify your goals for meaningful gifts and other relationship-building marketing pieces for your business.

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