Who was the last person to send you a thank you note?

Thank you noteFor the past couple years, I have been a speaker gift sponsor for my local networking group. Each month I pick out a special gift that is a reflection of the speaker, their business, or their message. I love to do it. It is a great opportunity for me to showcase my talents and my business. I don’t expect a thank you at all because the gift itself is a thank you to the speaker. However, one person in all of those gifts took the time to write me a thank you note for the gift I picked out.

I don’t remember all the gifts I have chosen, but I do remember that one person. She stands out. She sent that note over a year ago and I still remember it. That is the kind of impression she made. And not surprisingly, her business has grown and become successful. That is the power of gratitude for your business.

Why take the time to show appreciation and write thank you notes for your business?

It makes you stand out. In our fast paced, virtual world, a hand-written thank you note is becoming rare. I bet if you have received one recently, you probably remember it. You remember it because you receive so few. Taking the time to write thank you notes is a great way to stand out to customers and colleagues.

It builds relationships. The person who receives a thank you note from you knows you took extra time and effort to write that note. Include a personal statement about the person, the situation or your relationship and you will make a more personal connection. Deepening relationships is a great way to build business.

It creates positive feelings towards you and your business. Seeing a note in the mail, opening it, and reading kind words brings a smile to the recipient’s face. It reflects well on your business. When clients and colleagues feel positively about your business, they speak well of you to others. That kind of free goodwill advertising is priceless.

A Word of Caution

While appreciation is a great marketing effort to use in your business, it’s important to do it with sincerity. If you use gratitude in an attempt to get something back – like more business – people will see right through you and it will backfire. If, on the other hand, you express gratitude because you are truly grateful, clients will feel that and your business will naturally grow because of it.

Abundance of Gratitude

Next week begins the Abundance of Gratitude Summit. This 21-day virtual event will highlight industry experts on how to appreciate your clients and attract more business. Each day you will receive a new video interview with an industry expert. I’m proud to be a part of it and hope you will join me in exploring how gratitude can grow your business. You can sign up HERE.

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