Who is on Your Most Wanted List?

Have you ever daydreamed about people you would LOVE to work for?  It may be someone you have heard speak or a guru you have learned from.  One way or another you know how fun it would be to have them as a client.  You can add them to your “Most Wanted Client” list.

The only problem is there is a gap between the two of you.  Your fantasy client may not even know you are alive.  How do you get them to notice you?

One technique people use is to call or email and start pushing their products or services.  I can guarantee this will repel the clients you most desire to serve.  I have been approached by numerous people who want me to sell their product to my clients as a great gift.  While I appreciate being aware of the things that are out there, it is obvious by their approach that they are not interested in me.  They are only interested in selling their stuff.


If you really want to make your dream clients become a reality, show an interest in them.  You can connect with them on social media.  You can make a phone call and find out about them.  You can send them things in the mail that catch their attention.  A great way to impress them is to send them a referral for their own business or give them a resource that will help them in another area of their lives.


If you want to be strategic about pulling your “Most Wanted Clients” into your business, start with a list of the top people you would jump out of bed in the morning to work with.  Do a little sleuthing to find out details about them.  See if you can find out about their family, hobbies, and when their birthday is.  Find out what they are passionate about. Compile the information in a spreadsheet or database.


Now make a plan to reach out to them consistently.  Send them things in the mail.  Comment on their Facebook status.  Watch for the public events they will be at and make a point of being in attendance so you can interact with them.  It is all about developing a connection over time. 


Don’t go overboard and make them feel like you are stalking them.  Interact with them like you would a friend.  Not a needy, leech of a friend.  Be a self-confident friend who encourages and lifts up the other person.  Be more interested in finding out about them than you are in telling about yourself. Chances are they won’t hire you next month, but eventually they will recognize you as someone they can trust and will look to you when they have a need that you can fill.


Developing a Most Wanted list is a great way to gradually fill your practice with juicy clients that you feel honored to work with.  Make it a long term goal to develop a relationship with your most wanted clients so that when they need to hire someone, they will think of you.

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