Who are your centers of influence?

If you are in business for yourself, you quickly realize how much there is to do. You are the marketing department, the sales department, billing, customer service, and so much more. Plus, you have to do the work that you are getting paid to do. Going it alone can be challenging, but having a team of people who believe in you can make things easier.

They say you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. In business, these may be accountability partners or colleagues who you can bounce ideas off of. You also need a larger group of centers of influence who are connected to the right people to help you. These are people who are connected to your ideal clients and have connections that can help move your business forward.

Centers of InfluenceChoosing the right Centers of Influence

There are lots of influential people in the world. Your centers of influence don’t need to be famous or be considered major influencers. In fact, it may be better if they aren’t. The bigger the name, the more the person probably has on their plate. They may not have time or desire to help you move your business forward.

Look for people who are connected to your ideal clients. They may be quietly going about their work, but they have a great reputation. That’s the type of person who can generally help you by making connections and referrals.

In addition to a great reputation, the best centers of influence also have a disposition towards giving. They sincerely want to help and because of this, they will take the time to help you make connections. They aren’t looking for a reward, but they will appreciate being acknowledged for their efforts.

Where can you find your centers of influence?

You’ll probably find your best centers of influence in a networking group, chamber organization or industry association. Connect with them and build a relationship. If they trust you and see value in what you offer, they will open doors that will help you move ahead faster than what you can accomplish on your own.

Be intentional about identifying your centers of influence. Choose people who are connected with your ideal clients to help grow your business through referrals. If you haven’t built a strong group of centers of influence, consider joining “25 Days to Your 25 List.” In this 5 week program, I’ll help you create a strategic list of people who can consistently give you referrals. You can find the details here.

Have you identified centers of influence for your business? How did you find them? How have they helped you? Share in the comments.

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