Who are your biggest cheerleaders?

cheerleadersIn business, cheerleaders are the people who believe in you, support you, and do what they can to help. Sometimes they are a listening ear to bounce ideas off of. They might help promote things for you. Perhaps your cheerleaders endorse you, brag about you or give you raving testimonials.

Tapping into these people as referral partners will help you consistently grow your business. If your cheerleaders are educated about what you offer and who your ideal client is, they can help spread the word for you. If they are well connected or a consistent networker, they may run into people who need your services.

Cheerleaders are enthusiastic about you and what you offer. Their enthusiasm will be felt as an endorsement to prospects they refer to you. Hearing their unsolicited testimonial builds credibility and trust with your prospects before they ever meet you. Then, when they come to you, they are more ready to buy and making the sale is easier for you.

While your mother may cheer you on, you want to find cheerleaders who are connected to your ideal client. They may be a peer, a colleague or they may provide a different service to your demographic.

Teach Them

Teach your cheerleaders about the results your clients get from working with you. Then make sure they understand the best way to connect you with referrals. If they tell you they referred you to someone, but you haven’t heard from the potential prospect, then the referral isn’t working.

Appreciate Them

Everyone loves to have a cheerleader on their team, but make sure your cheerleaders get something out of the relationship, too. You may be able to share referrals with them. If not, let them know you appreciate all they do for you. A kind note, a professional favor, or a thank you gift will keep them enthusiastic about your business.

Do you have cheerleaders that send you referrals? How did you connect with them? How do you keep them enthusiastic? Share in the comments. In 25 Days to Your 25 List, we’ll help you identify your cheerleaders and make them a part of your list of strategic referral partners. If you want more referrals, join us. Referrals happen when you have great referral partners.

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