What’s your client experience like?

Marisa Murgatroyd

As a business owner, clients pay you for products and services you offer. You can transform your business from a series of transactions to an experience if you pay attention to the details. On the Client Loyalty Summit, I interviewed Marisa Murgatroyd about what to pay attention to in order to create a client experience.

Information in the Client Experience

Marisa pointed out that often business owners create programs that are overflowing with information. They feel the need to give as much as possible so that it feels like they overdeliver. In reality, they may be creating a client experience of overwhelm with too much for a client to take in. She suggests breaking things up into tasks that are easy to accomplish. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and think about how it feels to have that information come at you. Should you give more, less, or simplify how it is presented?

Motivation for your Client Experience

You also have to pay attention to what truly motivates people to change. If you can reinforce and encourage them to make changes and do the things you’re helping them do, then they will get better results. And if they have better results, then they will be more loyal to you. If you were your client, what sort of reinforcement or reward would motivate you? How can you include those elements in your products and programs to create a client experience where they are incentivized to do the work it takes to get the results they desire?

“Winning” in your Client Experience

Marisa also shared how important it is to help your client achieve “wins.” When people decide to work with you as a service professional, they want to achieve a certain result. It is a change from what they are experiencing currently. Change is hard. Create a client experience to help them feel they are winning in big and small ways. It will motivate them to keep moving forward. If your clients don’t feel like they are making progress, they are more likely to quit and disengage. That will result in the opposite of loyalty.

Client Experience Product Checklist

If you want more information about creating a client experience in your programs, check out Marisa’s Experience Product Checklist. It will help you as you create your products and programs so that your clients get better results and they become more loyal to you.

Share with me. What have you done to improve your client experience? Do you have a way to help clients win? Do you deliver information in an easy to consume way? Have you created built-in rewards to motivate your clients? Put your ideas in the comments below.


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