What’s in the mail?

What came in the mail today for you? There are different categories of mail.  On any given day you may receive advertisements, junk mail, bills, cards, magazines, or lumpy packages.  When you get your mail, you sort through it and evaluate what you want to open first.  If there is a package, that will probably get first priority.  Most people will naturally want to open cards or personal looking envelopes first.  Last priority is bills.  Often the advertisements and junk mail go straight to the recycling bin and never even get looked at.


Be the Most Interesting Piece of Mail in Their Mailbox

Now think of this from your customers’ and prospects’ point of view. If they get a big stack of mail, most of it will be bills, junk mail, and advertisements. When you send something to them, you want it to stand out, so it’s the first thing they open. If you send something that is three dimensional or makes some sound, that will grab their attention.  Mail that looks like a card, is in a colored envelope, or has a hand-written address, they will be more interested in opening it first.

Don’t make this one of those marketing ploys where you’re trying to get them to open it first but it’s still just an advertisement inside. That leaves people feeling a little deflated. You want them to see it, open it up and discover something cool inside from you. Don’t make it sales-y. It shouldn’t be an advertisement. You don’t even need a call to action. It doesn’t ask them to buy anything. Instead, it keeps in touch with them in a friendly way.

Create a Keep in Touch Plan

It’s important to develop a keep-in-touch system where you send out, on a consistent basis, things in the mail; not email, but snail-mail. Send things that are fun and interesting and friendly; not sales-y. This is the best way to keep in touch with your prospects and your referral partners. Don’t stick your business card in there. Don’t tell them to “Act Now.” This is just to keep in touch so that when the time is right, they will hire you or refer you to others, they will pass more business to you because you’ve been friendly to them and not annoying. You have been the fun piece of mail in their mailbox every month.

You want to choose carefully who you include on this mailing list.  This probably isn’t for everyone on your list.  This is best used for prospects who weren’t quite ready to buy or referral partners who you want to stay in touch with to help generate more referrals.

If you’re looking to develop a keep-in-touch system for your business, we can help you do that at Touch Your Client’s Heart. We develop those for businesses so that they can simply stay in touch in a friendly way and  generate more business without being sales-y. Schedule a phone call to learn more.

What is something memorable you have received in the mail?

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