What Happens After the Sale? How to Start Your Client Relationships in the Best Way Possible

Often businesses focus on prospects. They give them lots of attention and nurturing, and lots of touches to bring them though the sales process. Sometimes, when you come to the end of the sales process and you make the sale, business owners breathe a sigh of relief and then stop paying attention.

This is a key point where you can change the way you do business and make a really big impact on your clients. Clients, at that time, may be feeling a little bit apprehensive about the investment they made. They may just be feeling excited about starting to work with your business for whatever it is that you provide. But if you stop the communication at that point, then the excitement wanes and they may be a little unsure about what comes next.

The beginning of the client relationship is a great place to put a little extra effort into customer service. You could send a welcome packet. It might be as simple as a welcome email that explains the process that you work through and the steps your clients can expect. Let your clients know what you need from them to get started.  Tell them what they should expect to see from you. Those kinds of things give a lot of clarity to the relationship and it makes them more excited to work with you.

If you just drop them and stop nurturing the minute you make the sale, then you’re losing their interest before you even start working with them. Make sure you do a little something to keep the relationship alive.

One time I signed on to work with someone in a group program and at the very beginning of the program I got a little card in the mail. It probably cost them less than five dollars and only a few minutes of their time to pick out the card, write a note saying I’m looking forward to working with you, and send it in the mail. But that got me more excited. It touched me and made me feel like I was special and important to the business. It made me more invested psychologically in the program that I just invested in financially.

Another way to welcome your clients is through a small welcome gift.  This will make them feel special and important to you.  You may want to give them something that reflects the work you will do with them.  A coach could send out a journal or a relaxation CD to begin their journey of self-discovery.   A travel agent could send new luggage tags.  The surprise and delight that comes from receiving an unexpected gift will increase their excitement and anticipation to work with you.

Take the time to keep nurturing, even after you make the sale.  That is how you keep the clients you have.  Client retention makes a huge impact on your bottom line, but it also makes your job more fun when you have ongoing relationships with your favorite clients.

If you would like to develop an onboarding process for your clients, contact Touch Your Client’s Heart.  We can design a plan that welcomes clients and nurtures them for as long as you work together.

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