Relationship Marketing Plan

Are you a solo-entrepreneur or solo-professional who loves what you do and gets great results for your clients?

TRUTH: What you do for people is secondary to how you make them feel.

You can be the best of the best in your profession, but when clients work with you, they have an experience. That experience determines whether they will return and do business with you again and whether they will recommend you to others. Whether you have a relationship marketing plan or not, your contacts are having an experience. Is it the experience you want them to have? You probably get great results for your clients and love the work you do, but you may be realizing:

  • You don’t have a formula for follow up.
  • There are no systems in place for things like on-boarding and client appreciation.
  • You want to keep in touch, but don’t want to come across as annoying or a stalker.
  • People (which translate into dollars) are falling through the cracks.
  • You aren’t giving a consistent experience to each client and contact. One business card gets superb follow up, while the next ends up in a pile on your desk. One client gets a great thank you gift, but you’re stumped on what to do for the next one.

Creating a plan to turn those relationships into revenues will make follow up and keeping in touch a whole lot easier and more profitable.

The problem is, you’re not an expert in that. You may be wondering:

  • How many times and at what intervals should you follow up with a new prospect?
  • What can you do for former clients to remind them you are still here?
  • How do you let clients know you appreciate them without eating into your profits and paycheck?
  • What should you do to remind centers of influence and referral partners that you welcome referrals?

You can lock yourself in a room for a week and create a plan for the next year. OR you could spend the next year reading books on follow up, referrals, and building client loyalty and take the best ideas and put them into your plan. You could consult online experts and articles and tweak the ideas to fit your situation. Essentially, you need to invest your time (which you don’t have) and your money (which is already budgeted) to becoming an expert in this part of your business.

OR you can spend one day with me, mapping out your plan for the entire next year. As a result, you can immediately start implementing the step-by-step plan to nurture your business relationships.

This time next year when you reflect, you will find that your business has grown not by working harder to find new people, but by repeat business and referrals from the people you already know right now.


Who am I?

Deb BrownI am a relationship marketing specialist. My gifts include meaningful gifting and an ability to see from your client’s perspective and understand what will build loyalty with them. I have read the books, studied the theories and helped other businesses do the same thing. When I work with clients, I take all those theories and ideas and handpick the ones most suited to your situation. I consider your brand and personality so the things you do reflect well on you and set you apart.

At the end of the day, you’ll have everything outlined. With a plan in place, you won’t come home after the next networking meeting wondering what to do with the pile of cards. You won’t sign a new client and forget to send important information. When a client completes their work with you, you won’t be wondering what the appropriate thank you gift is and how to stay in front of them ongoing.

How will having a relationship marketing plan for your business change your business? You will have:

  • Greater client retention
  • Increased sales conversions
  • More referrals
  • Repeat business
  • More satisfying, long term relationships with clients and strategic partners which makes your work more meaningful

68% of clients leave a business because they believe the business doesn’t care


“Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.”  ~ Chip Bell

Spend the day with me and you’ll walk away with a Relationship Marketing Plan for your business.
Relationship Marketing Plan VIP DayVIP day – Can be done virtually or in person.

Your VIP experience starts with a pre-call. During this brief phone call, I will get to know a little about you and your business and together we will choose a day to create your Relationship Marketing Plan.

We’ll spend the day examining who your clients are, what you do for them and what makes you unique in your personality and brand. We’ll look at what you are already doing and what is working. I’ll help you find ways to maximize your relationships and create systems so keeping in touch and follow up is purposeful instead of haphazard.



Part 1: Clients

  • OnboardingRelationship Marketing Plan increases client retention
  • End of service
  • Welcome/thank you gifts/Client appreciation
  • Extra touches

Part 2: Past Clients

  • Client appreciation events
  • Keeping in touch after end of service

Part 3: Referral Partners/Centers of Influence

  • 25 List
  • Keeping in touch
  • Referral appreciation

Part 4: Prospects

  • How do they come to you
  • How do you follow up
  • Long term follow up/ Wait list

Bonus #1: After our work together, I will send you a detailed document outlining your personalized relationship marketing plan.  You’ll have a document to refer to and to hand off to an assistant either now or in the future.

Bonus #2: Any templates and checklists I have on file that will help you

Referral Partner Tracking Sheet

Exit Survey

10-Step Follow Up Plan and Spreadsheet

How to write a Thank You Note

And more. . .

Bonus #3: Email support after our day together. Got a quick question? Need some clarification? I’m here for you. Just send an email and I’ll help you out.

Bonus #4: Follow up call 30 days later. Once you have had a chance to start putting the plan into place, you may find you have questions that arise. On the follow up call, we will go over the Relationship Marketing Plan, you can ask questions and we’ll map out your next steps.


You get:

5-6 hours @ $297 = $1485 – $1782

Templates and checklists = $100+

Bonus call = $150

Unlimited email access = priceless

Branded Relationship Marketing Plan = priceless 🙂

Total value = $2032+



Investment for VIP day = $997

You are buying my time in bulk, so you get a discount. I want to make sure you get results, so I provide unlimited checklists and templates as well as follow up support.


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This might not be the right timing for you. That’s fine, but what will you do instead? Just remember that without a plan in place, you will continue to struggle and leave money on the table.


Your VIP day includes a full day of you and me together, focusing on your business, your business relationships, and how to strategically maximize and monetize them. When you implement it, your business will grow. You will make more money through client retention, referrals, and repeat business. Without it, you’ll be stuck at the same place you are today.

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