How To Keep Track Of Business Thank You Gifts

You may have good intentions of thanking every client. You may remember to do it here and there. You may also find yourself wondering whether or not you sent the thank you. As time passes, you can’t remember who you sent what to. When you approach your gratitude in a random way, there are bound to be some clients who fall through the cracks. How do you keep track of when to send business thank you gifts? Here are a few ways.

  1. Make it part of the routine for each project. writing a letterYou may have an end of project checklist that walks you through everything you have to do: final documents to send, final billing, etc. If you already work this way, just add business thank you gift to the checklist. The project isn’t done until you have given proper acknowledgement.
  2. Create a weekly or monthly appointment on your calendar. Go through your billing software and send a business thank you gift or note to each client in one sitting. Once you have the note cards, pens, stamps, addresses already out, it is easier to send a number of them all at once.
  3. Delegate it. It isn’t mandatory that you write the notes yourself. Assign it to an assistant to do as the projects finish or on a regular schedule.
  4. Create a document to keep track of business thank you gifts. You might create a spreadsheet or a word document that lists the client, date work was completed, gift chosen, ordered, wrapped and shipped. Each time you send a thank you gift, document it in the spreadsheet. This way you can track each step of the process and remember what you gave them in the past so you don’t duplicate it the next time. Here is one I found online.
  5. Business Thank You GiftsSome businesses recognize ongoing clients on a yearly basis. You can keep a document going all year long and add names and contact information of clients as they sign on to work with you. Include their contact information. Then when it is time to send all the cards or gifts, you will have all the information you need in one spot. That makes it easier to outsource the project. It may be holiday cards or a yearly gift, but doing it all at once will ensure you remembered everyone.

When you create a system that works for you, you are more likely to follow through on your good intentions to send business thank you gifts. These little things will make your business stand out in a BIG way. People want to do business with people who make them feel special and appreciated. You cannot underestimate the power of expressing your gratitude in a tangible way. It comes back to you in satisfied, happy customers who work with you longer and tell their friends about you. Send a thank you to every client, no matter how small.

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