Top 10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Your Business.

Many businesses celebrate an annual holiday in December. Few celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can stand out by doing one of these things in your business this year.


  1. Send Valentine’s cards to all your clients from last year saying, “I love doing business with you.”
  2. Send Valentine’s cards to your strategic partners saying, “I love being connected to you through business.”
  3. Send small boxes of chocolates to clients saying, “We love our clients.”
  4. Create custom candy hearts to give out to clients and centers of influence.
  5. Host a client appreciation party on Valentine’s Day.
  6. Send a card to prospects saying, “We would LOVE to work with you.”
  7. Give past clients a Valentine’s incentive to work with you again.
  8. Create a contest encouraging clients to “share the love” and send referrals with a prize to the person who gives the most.
  9. Pop by the offices of your strategic partners with a basket of warm drinks (coffee, tea, cocoa or hot cider) to warm their hearts.
  10. Partner with a massage therapist, florist, or baker to provide their products or services to everyone who stops in your office on Valentine’s Day.

Have you ever celebrated Valentine’s Day in your business? What did you do? How did it go? Share in the comments below.

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