Too Busy? Try These Tips To Streamline Your Client Retention

Every business owner I have ever talked to has a deep appreciation for their clients.  A lot of them also have guilt.  One recently told me that she, “constantly feels like a criminal” because appreciating her clients gets put last on her list.  She does great work, but like all of us, she is juggling a lot of things.


Streamlining your client retention efforts can be as simple as setting up systems and reminders. Most businesses spend a lot of time developing a marketing plan, but they leave out ongoing outreach to current clients. That is an important piece of your marketing. If you have a process in place and a way to remember, you’ll be more likely to act on the good intentions you have.


First, make a plan.  Think through what you want your clients to experience when they work with you.  Will you welcome them with a new client packet or a special gift?  How will you thank them for their business?  How often will you do that? Will you recognize their birthdays or celebrate a holiday each year?  What will you do at the end of a project to close your relationship in a positive way.


The answers to these questions will vary from business to business.  You will want to think about the type of work you do with clients and what kind of relationships you develop with them.  If you work with a large group or team, your interaction is less personal than a business that works one-on-one and your client recognition will reflect that.


A plan is no good unless it is executed.  Once you have thought through and answered these questions for your business, you need to determine how these tasks will get done.  You may delegate to a staff member, virtual assistant, or outside support to help you get things done. 


If you think you will do it yourself, you need a way to remember.  Your reminder system could be a recurring event in your calendar.  It could be set up in your CRM as a follow up task to accomplish.  It might be as simple as a post-it note in your planner.  The most important thing is that you find what works for you.


If you are tired of feeling guilty because you know you aren’t giving your clients the care and attention they deserve, take the time to create a plan to recognize and appreciate them.  Figure out how to execute it consistently and enlist help where necessary.  The return on investment will be seen in happy customers who stay with you longer and invest more money in your services.


If you don’t have time or energy to invest in this, contact us.  You may be interested in our Relationships & Revenues plan or hiring us as a Client Care Concierge for your business.  It takes away all of the guilt and doesn’t add additional work for you as a small business owner.

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