Together you’ll go far with strategic referral partners.


Educate Strategic referral partners can help you go farther in your business than you can go alone.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

African Proverb

This African Proverb contains a lot of truth for an entrepreneur or solo-professional. One of the great advantages of being your own boss is how quickly you can make changes in your business. There is no red tape or approval process. If it isn’t working, you can change it immediately. Working on your own can also be a struggle. You may not have a support team and can quickly burn out from doing it all.

By creating your own team of strategic partners, you can find the support you need while still remaining your independence. Then you can go fast AND far. One way strategic partners can help you go far is by consistently sharing referrals with you. They will reach people you might never come in contact with. Their recommendation will greatly influence your prospect and make it an easier sale for you.

Here are some qualities to look for in strategic referral partners:

  • Strategic Referral PartnersConnected to your ideal client. If your strategic referral partners are connected to your ideal clients, they will be able to refer more people to your business. They may work with them as a service provider that complements the work that you do. Or they may be associated with them in their social circles or volunteer work. If they don’t associate with your ideal client, referrals will be rare.
  • Believes in you. Before your strategic partners will refer anyone to you, they need to believe in you and your ability to do what you say you do. Developing trust with them is just as important as building trust with your prospects. If they don’t believe in you, they’ll never refer someone to you.
  • Helping attitude. Some people naturally want to help others. They look for problems they can solve and ways they can contribute. These are the types of people who are aware enough to want to help both you and the prospects they refer to you. If they don’t have a natural inclination to help and connect others, they may innocently miss opportunities.
  • Knowledge of what you do and how to share referrals. Educate your strategic referral partners about what you do and what you don’t do. Share with them the best way to refer people to you so that you can follow up with the prospect. If they aren’t educated, they may send prospects who are less than ideal. They might be telling prospects about you without sharing the prospect’s information with you.

Go Far

Having qualified and educated strategic referral partners can help your business grow bigger than you could grow it on your own. If you want to create your list of qualified, educated strategic referral partners, join me for 25 Days to Your 25 List. During this 5 week challenge, I’ll guide you through identifying your best referral partners to help you grow your business.

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