To Logo or Not to Logo?

To logo or not to logo – that is the question.  When do you put your logo on pieces that you give to your clients? There is a time and a place for that.  Promotional products that have your brand on it are perfect to give out to prospects that have not signed up to work with you yet and may be interested in working with you in the future.

put your logo on

Adding a logo to an item is also a great way to get around a problem of spending limits in industries that are heavily regulated.  If you add your branding to it, then it becomes a promotional piece and it doesn’t count as a gift.  You can spend a little more.  However, it is a promotional piece at that point and not a true gift and a client will feel that.  If you are under regulations and you want to give to your clients, add a logo in an inconspicuous way.

You may give clients something with a logo that’s not considered a gift:  information with your logo and contact information on it.  You can give your clients a promotional product that you also give to prospects, or hand out at an expo table.

Your Logo is Advertising

Whenever possible, please do not put your logo on something that you’re considering a gift. If you give a gift to a client and it has your brand on it, it doesn’t mean as much to them. It automatically devalues the gift a little bit because you’re promoting yourself. So you’re not just saying, “thank you for your business,” you’re also promoting your business.  A gift should be about the recipient, not about the giver.  Whenever possible, don’t include your branding on a gift.

If you don’t have regulations or if you choose less expensive gifts to comply, then leave your logo out. Make it completely about the client who’s receiving the gift and they will feel more appreciated.  Making it about them is what’s most important when giving a client an appreciation gift.

You can choose a gift that relates to your business.  When you do that, your client will connect your business with the gift even if it doesn’t have your logo on it.  A financial planner who gives a money tree doesn’t have to put their brand on it.  The recipient will logically make the connection whenever they see the gift.

If you need help creating a strategy that includes promotional products as well as gifts, schedule a free Client Loyalty Audit. At Touch Your Client’s Heart we have a lot of ideas to help you stand out that don’t require your logo.

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