To Increase Value Provide a Tangible

If you’re a service provider you probably provide an outstanding service and you do great things to serve your customers. The problem sometimes is that with the service, there is no tangible product. There’s nothing physical left behind. Sometimes clients who work with a service provider can forget about the service that’s been provided. They can forget about the value that they’ve received from a service provider.  If they aren’t sure they received value from you, they won’t hire you again or refer you to their acquaintances. One tactic that you can use is to send out appreciation gifts.

appreciation gifts

Appreciation gifts don’t have to cost a lot, but they immediately increase the perception of the value to your clients. The value you give them is still the same, but when they have a physical reminder of you and of your business, it somehow helps them to feel like they’ve received more value from you than just the service itself.

Tips for Appreciation Gifts

When you give a gift for a client, you want it to be memorable.  Whenever possible, you should give them something that you know they will keep for a while.  The longer your client keeps the gift you gave them, the more they will think of your business.  Over the years you may have received gifts that have made a big impact on you.  Years later, you might remember the gift giver when you look at that gift.  That is exactly what you want to have happen in your business as well.

If you pick the right gift, it makes an impression on the recipient.  That impression leaves a memory in their mind.  Every time they see the gift, it brings back that memory of the moment they received it and the person who was kind enough to give it to them.  It gives them something tangible to associate with your service and your relationship.

Adding a tangible thank you gift to the great service you provide to your clients gives them something to remember you by.  The business that is remembered gets more repeat business and referrals.  Take the time to pick a really great gift that will be a physical reminder of you and your business.  It will help your clients feel like they received more value from you.  As a bonus you can add another intangible to your business relationships – thoughtfulness.

Are you curious how to do this for your business? Schedule a call and we can talk about opportunities to add a tangible appreciation gift to your business.

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