The Top 5 Elements to Mail that Gets Opened

Think about when you sort through your mail each day. You Sorting through mailprobably give priority to certain pieces of mail, automatically discard other pieces, and set some aside to open later. Here are things that will draw the recipient’s attention to your piece of mail and make them want to open it first:

  1. 3-Dimensional
  2. Different Size and Shape
  3. Different Color of Envelope
  4. Personalization
  5. Sound

Padded envelopes, mailing tubes, and boxes attract the most attention. These will cost a little more to send, but they will definitely stand out. If you are sending something that doesn’t weigh a lot, you can send it for about $2.50 within the United States. If you have narrowed down your list, this can still be an affordable thing to do once in a while.

The size and shape of the mail has the potential to cause your mail to stand out. If it is the size and shape of a card or notecard, people recognize that and are more interested in opening that than a standard business envelope. People will wonder if it is a card or invitation and be curious enough to open it first.

Stack of envelopesThe color of the envelope can make mail more intriguing. An envelope color that matches your brand can become a signature piece for you. If you always send your mail in that color envelope, your mailing list will begin to identify you with the envelope. You can also change things up and send an envelope color to coordinate with a holiday or message.

In a world of automation, a handwritten envelope also attracts attention. It says that someone personally took the time to put it together. It shows a personal touch and makes it feel more individualized. People are more interested in opening it, because it feels like it is “just” for them.

If what is in the envelope has texture or makes a sound when it is moved around, it raises curiosity and makes it more likely to be opened. Something as simple as a packet of seeds can provide both texture and sound.

You don’t need to add all of these elements. Experiment with just one each time you mail things out and see what kind of a response you receive. Any of these things will cause the recipients to notice it and open it.

Warning: Don’t Bait and Switch

Consumers are very savvy. Don’t try to trick them by sending a promotion disguised as a card. You will quickly lose your credibility and they will lose interest in opening your mail. You have probably received a 3-dimensional envelope only to discover it was filler to get you to open it and been disappointed or disgusted. If you are sending dimensional mail, you better have a legitimate reason for it, or it will do more harm than good.

Direct mail can be a great marketing strategy to build relationships and stay top of mind with prospects and referral partners. Use one or more key elements to make it stand out, but make sure what is on the inside of the envelope is as interesting as what is on the outside.

If you would like to add mail to your marketing strategy, contact us.  We can help develop ideas for mail that will make an impact as well as execute your project on your behalf.

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