The Simplest Way to Be the First Person Others Think of When Someone Needs a Referral

It’s important to stay top-of-mind with a variety of different people to get more business. You’ve probably heard this before, about being top-of-mind. It simply means that you are the first person they think of.

Why is it so important? If you are suddenly in need of a furnace repair because your furnace went out and it’s cold outside, the first thing you’re going to do is think, do I know a furnace repair person? The first person that comes to mind is the person you will call. If you don’t know a furnace repair person, the second thing people usually do is ask a friend or colleague if they know someone.  They hit their network, whether it’s a personal network or a professional network. They may put on Facebook, Help! I need a furnace repair. Who do you know that’s good? Everyone in their network will respond with the person they think of first. 

The same thing works over and over again, no matter what the referral is for, no matter what the business is. If you’re looking for something for your business and you need help with marketing, you’re first going to go with the person who comes to the top of your mind, and if you don’t have anyone, you’re going to seek a referral from a friend or trusted business source.

You want to be the first person they think of so that they will share your name.  You don’t know when someone they know will need your services.  It’s not just the people you know, but it’s who they know also.

The simplest way to stay top of mind is by communicating over and over again to the people in your network. There are many ways you can do this. Placing their name on your email distribution list is not enough to develop a relationship.  Pick up the phone.  Send something in the mail. However you reach out, make sure you do it frequently. If you are a furnace repair person, or a realtor or a banker or an investor, and you send out a yearly holiday card to you clients, they’re probably not thinking about you all year round. You need to remember them more than once a year if you expect them to remember you more than once a year.

You need to find many ways to reach out so that, when someone in their network needs someone who does exactly what you do, then you will be top-of-mind. B If you’re looking for ways to reach out more frequently, to have a greater impact on your business and on the people in your network, please schedule your Personal PowWOW. During our conversation, we’ll get clear on your needs and what the best strategy is to make your business top-of-mind.

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