The Most Important Person in the World

I was listening to an interview of Daymond John the other day. Daymond is best known as the founder of the clothing line, FUBU, and an investor on the show, Shark Tank. In the interview he said, “Your customer is the most important person in the world.” Moments later he went on to say, “Everyone is a customer.”  He shared how important it is to treat your customers special. John explained that even prospects should be treated special because they may be dreaming about being your customer one day. If you treat them badly because they can’t afford you now, they will become your biggest critic. When you treat them well, they will save their dollars so they can buy from you one day.

Treat Your Customers Special

Part of treating your business contacts well is your attitude. It is how you interact with people. That happens in the moment and can change from moment to moment. Other parts of how you treat people are controllable. You can create a strategy around the experience you create for each person that comes in contact with your business. Then you can automate emails and create repeatable templates. Use systems, forms and checklists to be sure everyone receives the same experience.


When you create intentional, repeatable systems to treat your customers special in your business not only do your contacts have a better experience, but you do too. Everything becomes easier because you know what to do, when to do it and how to do it. When you have a system, you can outsource it easily to an assistant.


Starting a business, you focus on the service you provide. When you figure that out, you focus on making sales and the marketing it takes to get in front of prospects. No one hands you an operations manual. You aren’t told how to treat your customers special consistently. You have to figure it out on your own. Creating a relationship marketing plan allows you to make fewer decisions and put things on autopilot. You can do that knowing that no one will slip through the cracks and you won’t be leaving money on the table. You can treat everyone like they are, “the most important person in the world,” as Daymond John says. As you do that you will see your profits go up through client retention and referrals.

Create a Relationship Marketing Plan

If you don’t have a relationship marketing plan for your business, join me for a 5-week program to help you do that. At the end of Relationships into Revenues you will have a system to treat your customers special and translate that into more revenues for your business.

What are some ways you treat your customers special in your business? How do they react? Share in the comments below.



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