The Most Important Day of the Year

Client BirthdaysIf you really want to get your client’s attention, make sure you pay attention to the most important day of the year.  You may be wondering what the most important day is.  Is it a holiday?  Perhaps it’s they day they sign up to do business with you.  Maybe it’s the day they renew their contract with you.


While all of these days may have important significance to your business, the most important day of the year to your client is personal.  It’s different for each client, but if you take the time to notice, they will remember you.  The most important day of the year for anyone is their birthday.  It is the one day that was made to celebrate them.  Even if you have a twin or know someone who shares your birthday, your birthday is still YOURS.  When someone wishes you a happy birthday, sends you a card, or gives you a gift on your birthday, it is all about you.

How to Find Client Birthdays

As part of your intake process, you may already collect that information from your clients.  If not, just add a line on your form for birthday or ask them when it is.  The client won’t give it a second thought when you ask for that information.  The next step is to enter that information in your calendar so you don’t forget it.  You may want to add a reminder a few weeks ahead of the date to buy a card or gift and get it sent in time for the special day.


An important caution:  To make a big impact, this needs to be all about them.  If you send a card with your business card in it, it’s no longer just about them.  It becomes about you promoting your business.  If you send them a card with a special sale for them for their birthday, it’s about them buying from you, not about you giving to them.  You have to keep this a gift if you want it to be appreciated.


Another important key to client birthdays is to customize it to them.  If you can find a gift that you can personalize with their name, it will mean more to them.  If you can find something that includes something that is a favorite of theirs (hobby, color, flavor, flower, etc.) then it will make a bigger impact.  Making a bigger impact causes your clients to remember you and refer you to others.


Celebrating client birthdays is a great way to stand out.  If this type of client gifting is done the right way, it will increase client retention and word of mouth referrals.  The key is to focus it on the client’s birthday and not make it about your business.


If you need help coming up with the perfect client appreciation gift for your client birthdays, contact us.  We are experts at picking the perfect gift.


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