The Importance of Customer Loyalty in your Business

Loyal clients can be a great ego boost for a business owner. You know the ones. They tell you how brilliant you are. They admire your work. They tell everyone how awesome you are. It makes you feel good, doesn’t it? Everyone needs cheerleaders in their lives, but solo-preneurs especially need those kinds of advocates for their businesses.


Piggy BankLoyal clients are great for your bank account. They keep coming back for more. They invest in the next program. They purchase more from you. You don’t have to invest your time, effort and marketing budget winning them over and developing trust. Once you have a loyal client, they remain loyal. Every time they spend their money with you, you make more money with less effort.


IncreaseLoyal clients grow your client list for you. People love to be the hero to their friends and colleagues by connecting them to the right resource. They want to connect people to a business they are confident in. A loyal client who loves the work you do has confidence in your ability to take care of anyone they refer to you. When the referral has a great experience, the person who referred them to you looks like a rock star to their friend.


To get more loyalty in your business:

  1. Deliver – what they expect plus a little more.
  2. Fix – the problem they came to you for plus any problems that arise in service.
  3. Cultivate – your relationship with your clients by getting to know them and rewarding them for their business.


It is the little things you do and the relationship you form that makes customers loyal. Loyal customers make your work easier and more enjoyable. If you want to develop the relationships in your business, check out our Relationships and Revenues Package. It is a deep look at all the relationships in your business and individualized strategy to maximize those relationships.


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