The Fastest Path to Cash for a 6-Year-Old

FundraiserFall in America is back to school time. In those first few weeks of school the kids come home with FUNDRAISERS. Suddenly these young students become the sales force for their school. They may have cuteness or giving to a good cause on their side, but the competition is fierce. Every kid on the block is selling the same overpriced stuff.

They have to find the best way to drum up business. The people they approach usually fall into a few categories:

Door to door sales

Parents’ friends and coworkers

Family members and close family friends

Guess who their easiest and best sales come from? Most of the time relatives – like Grandma – are the easiest to talk into buying their fundraising goodies. In your business, you have to approach prospects too. You probably have similar groups of people you reach out to in order to make a sale.

Door to door sales.Cold calling is ineffective.

This could be literal door to door sales. It can also be compared to cold calling. It is the least effective sales technique. It is uncomfortable for you and for them. Often you don’t even know if they want what you have to offer.

Parents’ friends and coworkers.

This is like a referral for your business. Sales are easier because there is someone in the middle vouching for you. It shortens the sales cycle and increases sales conversion.

Family member and close family friends.

This is the easiest sell because there is already a relationship established. These people have given to the student in the past. It may have been in the form of birthday presents from Grandma, but you know she is more likely to give again.

The people who have a relationship with and have given to you in the past in your business are your FORMER CLIENTS. They are the most likely to buy from you again.

For the Elementary School student doing fundraising, it makes sense to spend most of their time talking to Grandma. For you as a small business owner, most of your marketing efforts should focus on your current and former clients. Marketing to them is simpler, but it also needs to be done differently. Once a prospect becomes a client, marketing might look more like good customer service and doing the little extra things to WOW them.

Ensuring current clients have a great experience working with you and then leading them to the next buying opportunity will do more to increase your income than spending an equal amount of money and effort marketing to people who may or may not ever buy from you.

If you are ready to invest more in your current clients and develop a plan that will deepen relationships and increase sales, check out Relationships & Revenues. In this program, we develop plans to WOW your relationships which will increase revenues. The most important investment you can make is in your relationships.

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