Taking Off the Invisibility Cloak: How to Make Your Tribe Feel Noticed by You

If you know anything about the Harry Potter series, you probably remember that he had in his possession an invisibility cloak. This was very convenient when he wanted to be somewhere without being seen. He could sneak and snoop and listen in without others knowing he was there. Harry struggled with just wanting to fit in when everyone treated him differently because of who he was. The invisibility cloak helped him disguise himself so he didn’t stick out.

Harry’s good friend Ron Weasley, on the other hand, desperately wanted to be noticed. He wished someone would see him, give him attention, and recognize his value as a person. He had the opposite problem of Harry. He felt as if her were always invisible next to his famous friend and in his large family.

It’s human nature to want a little bit of both of those things in our lives. At times it is nice to feel anonymous. At other times it would be nice to be recognized.

We live in a virtual world where we could spend all of our days looking at a computer screen, answering email, checking in on our social media, and surfing the web. It is like our own personal invisibility cloak. We can find things out without having to expose ourselves. We can hide behind our username and password.

But, like Ron, we are all human and have a need for interaction. A part of us craves social proof that we are important. We enjoy seeing likes and comments to our posts. It validates us.

Alone on computerAs we sit behind our computer screens, we want to be noticed. And we want to spend more time with the people who take the time to notice us.

How can you notice the members of your tribe? They are sitting behind their computer screens, reading your emails, following you on social media. They are quietly following you, while you as the leader of your movement take the limelight. If you give them a little attention and appreciation, they will want to spend more time with you.

Here are 5 easy things to do to give people a little more personal attention.

  1. When someone signs up for your email list, collect their address and send a letter or low-cost gift in the mail.
  2. When someone likes your Facebook fan page, acknowledge them personally in a post.
  3. When you gain a new follower on Twitter, follow them back and send a message.
  4. When someone makes a purchase from you send a thank you note – even for information products.
  5. Pick up the phone once in a while and call someone on your list. Out of the blue. Just to get to know them.

Each of these things can be integrated into your systems so they happen automatically. You don’t have to do all of them. Pick one. Then watch how your list becomes more responsive because they don’t feel like they have an invisibility cloak on anymore. They feel noticed by you. Retention increases; referrals go up; all because they feel more connected to you.

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  1. Great suggestions. What a great way to really build your tribe. I love the idea of sending them a free gift and am going to start implementing it.

  2. Deb,
    I wrote about being invisible in my blog post last week. How funny! Yours has a different slant, though, and I like the point you make. I’ll have to add a couple if these ideas to my systems.

  3. Deb,
    Thanks for your post. I really got the image of sitting in front of the computer being invisible! Your tips are simple and make so much sense. We need to let people know we “see” them. I will incorporate a few of these to try them out! It is all about the personal touch.

  4. Awesome article – It’s very timely too! Thanks for sharing…

  5. It is awesome to make a personal connections with your tribe whenever possible. But in the online arena, it’s hard to have all of the information to send gifts and notes, or even calls. I think another way is to give your tribe opportunities to interact with you, especially for all the Ron’s out there.

    I love the idea’s of giveaways just because, Q&As and asking for feedback. Great tips here.

    Leslie Hassler
    Business Strategist | Time Leverage Stickler | The Queen of Healthy Boundaries

    • DebBrown says

      It is true that you don’t always have all that information when you are connecting online. One of the things I do is give people the option to submit their mailing address when the opt in to my list. People who do get a little something in the mail. I also send thank you notes to people who purchase from me online. Their mailing address is included in their billing information. Some of them I have never met or spoken with in person, but it gives a more personal touch.

      • I never would have thought of asking for a mailing address for new subscribers. That’s an intriguing idea! Do very many people share that information?

        • Janet,
          Probably less than half give me their mailing address. It is optional, but I reward them by sending something fun in the mail. It gives another marketing touch and opportunity to WOW.

  6. Great tips, Deb! A year or two ago, I might not have believed something so small could have a very big impact. But then I stumbled onto a practice that really impresses people on Twitter — welcoming them by name! Yes, even though all I’m doing is posting “Welcome to new followers” followed by a list of their @ names, you’d be amazed how often that gets favorited or retweeted! I truly believe it’s played a role in not only growing my base of followers but also contributing to an increased Klout score. Sometimes a small thank-you really is all it takes to make someone’s day!

    • DebBrown says

      Marlys – that’s a great tip! It’s nice to know you have been able to see “proof” that appreciation is working in your business.

  7. Lovely suggestions for making a better connection with your tribe – thanks for sharing them.

  8. Enjoyed the easy tips, great reminder, Deb. Your expertise and thoughtful style shine through and, obviously, from the comments you received, you have done a great job of sharing information.

    One tip I learned “somewhere” – sorry I can’t honor where I learned it – was to send something out to your e mail list as a “Thank you” now and then as a surprise. It might be a special PDF, a teleseminar/webinar just for them , an audio with a link to your site. Costs us very little but reminds our audience and clients how honored we are to serve them.

    Thanks for the post!

  9. Wow, great blog article.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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