Avoid a Taylor Swift Breakup with Your Clients

Have you ever heard the Taylor Swift song titled: We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together? Well, as I heard that song the other day, it made me think. I hope that you’re clients are not singing that song when they stop working with you. If you think about the message of that song, […]

VIDEO: We are never, ever, ever getting back together.

The Most Disappointing Gift I Ever Received

Today I’m going to tell you about the most disappointing gift I ever received. This was from a coach that I had invested thousands of dollars with over the course of the year, and as the year came to a close, I received a gift in the mail. As you can imagine, after investing more […]

What happens when you can’t smell your own BO?

Have you ever been around someone who has BO or bad breath and they don’t even know it? You might hesitate to tell them the truth about the reason you don’t want to be around them.  As a mom of five kids, I find that happens a lot with the tweens and teens that don’t […]

The Most Disappointing Gift I Ever Received

VIDEO: When you Can’t Smell Your Own B.O.

When is the Best Time to Send a Thank You?

You know how important it is to send a thank you note for business, but some people wonder how soon you need to send it. Often you may feel that if you don’t send it out right away, it’s too late and then you’ve lost the chance. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t […]

Make Sure You Tell the Story

You probably understand how important it is to send out meaningful gifts to your clients. You can send out a gift, but it will have a bigger impact if it’s a meaningful gift. One way to make a gift meaningful is simply by providing the story behind the gift.   Sometimes you have a great […]

The Parable of the Bowl of Nuts

I want to tell you the parable of the bowl of nuts. I had an experience recently with my 8-year-old son. We were at an event and they were serving cake and nuts. They were serving up the cake sliced onto plates so you could just pick up the plate, and so my son took […]

What is the Best Gift for Your Clients?

I am often asked what the best gift is to give a client.  The best gift to give to a client depends on three things: Who your client is. What you do. What your budget is.     It is important to know who your client is.   A gift will only make a big impact […]