10 Ways Appreciation Marketing Will Help You Get More Business

It is human nature to want to be recognized and appreciated. When you recognize and appreciate people in business, it makes you stand out. So often, when a consumer spends their money, it is simply a transaction. Taking the time to let them know you appreciate them and their choice to spend their money with […]

If you don’t remember them, they won’t remember you!

Just because you’re good at what you do, doesn’t mean you’ll get referrals. Many business owners know that the best way to grow their business is through referrals. They also know that the best source of referrals is from happy clients. They go about doing great work and making their customers happy. And then they […]

How to Create a Referral Rewards Program

If you want more referrals in your business, you need to set up a formal referral program. By a formal referral program, I mean you need a way to let people know that you accept referrals. Tell them how to give you a referral, and then reward them for every referral they give.   The […]

3 Ways to Gain Client Loyalty

Client loyalty is incredibly valuable to a business.  After all, loyal clients can’t be persuaded to try the competition.  They are your biggest cheerleaders – telling everyone they can about your products and services. All of this results in more income for your business.   In our house, we are loyal BYU fans.  Everyone owns […]

Thank-You Marketing: Get Real

          Guest Post by Kevin Donlin     Writing and mailing thank-you notes to your prospects and clients can help make your business 100% referral-driven. It’s done that for my business, in less than 3 years. In fact, I now refer to this simple, powerful concept as “Thank-You Marketing.” And yet, […]

A Little-Known Principle Your Business Can Benefit From

Tithing is a religious principle that can be found in ancient scriptures. Usually when you hear the principle of tithing, it is a religious institution that wants a donation. This principle asks us to give back to the source of our prosperity as an expression of gratitude. This principle can be applied to your business […]

Are You a Scrooge?

I think everyone’s familiar with the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol. If you haven’t read it before, you’ve probably seen a play or a movie or some adaptation of the story. Scrooge cares so much about business and the bottom line, that he doesn’t take time to notice the people around him and give […]

The Simplest Way to Be the First Person Others Think of When Someone Needs a Referral

It’s important to stay top-of-mind with a variety of different people to get more business. You’ve probably heard this before, about being top-of-mind. It simply means that you are the first person they think of. Why is it so important? If you are suddenly in need of a furnace repair because your furnace went out […]

VIDEO: Don’t Be a Scrooge

How to Get Noticed!

In order to get noticed by prospects or referral partners, you need to build a relationship with them.  Relationships are developed by multiple contacts, in multiple ways over time.  If you follow up once after meeting someone, you won’t develop a relationship.  It’s important to contact them in more than one way, because often, they […]