Surprises are NO FUN! (How a lack of integrity can cost you big bucks in your business.)

Surprises are great for presents. Surprises are great for parties, but surprises in business are not any fun. Customers do not want to be surprised by what kind of services they’re getting. Customers don’t want surprises when it comes to billing. They want to know what to expect from you and know that they can […]

VIDEO: No Surprises In Business

What happens when you can’t smell your own BO?

Have you ever been around someone who has BO or bad breath and they don’t even know it? You might hesitate to tell them the truth about the reason you don’t want to be around them.  As a mom of five kids, I find that happens a lot with the tweens and teens that don’t […]

VIDEO: When you Can’t Smell Your Own B.O.