Customer Satisfaction vs. Customer Loyalty

Have you ever seen a sign or heard the phrase “customer satisfaction guaranteed?” That’s a great guarantee, but there’s a big difference between satisfaction and loyalty. Loyalty is what you really want in your business. Satisfaction means the transaction you had with the customer was okay.  They are not disappointed, but they’re also probably not […]

Too Busy? Try These Tips To Streamline Your Client Retention

Every business owner I have ever talked to has a deep appreciation for their clients.  A lot of them also have guilt.  One recently told me that she, “constantly feels like a criminal” because appreciating her clients gets put last on her list.  She does great work, but like all of us, she is juggling […]

Are You the Motel 6 of Your Industry?

When was the last time you stayed overnight at a motel or hotel?  When you knew you needed a place to stay, you had many options to choose from.  Each option would give you a slightly different experience. On one end you have the Motel 6 which is low-cost and they promise they’ll leave the […]