Don’t Break Up – Make Up!

As a business owner you put a lot of energy into building relationships. You court prospects until they are ready to buy. Once they become a client, you serve them to the best of your ability and build camaraderie. These are the fun parts of the relationship – the times when you like each other. […]

Too Busy? Try These Tips To Streamline Your Client Retention

Every business owner I have ever talked to has a deep appreciation for their clients.  A lot of them also have guilt.  One recently told me that she, “constantly feels like a criminal” because appreciating her clients gets put last on her list.  She does great work, but like all of us, she is juggling […]

Two BIG Mistakes a Company Made That Caused Them to Lose My Business For GOOD!

Several months ago I decided to order ribbon in bulk online.  I use a fair amount of it in wrapping client gifts and decided to save some money by ordering it in bulk.  I did what most people do – I went online and searched for the ribbon I was looking for.  I found it […]

Surprising Simple Ways to Increase Retention in Group Programs

In group programs there’s a problem that develops. As a group gets bigger with more participants, each participant feels less connected to the head of the group as well as the other participants in the group. If the participants do not feel connected then they don’t renew for the group program. Helping group participants feel […]

VIDEO: Do you recognize your clients?

VIDEO: Increasing Connection In Group Programs

The Key to Client Retention: Nurturing

Nurturing is important in the customer relationships that you have.  Building relationships is an important way to keep your customers wanting to do business with you. There are a number of ways you can nurture your clients. Nurturing your clients can be done every time you interact with them in small and simple ways. If […]

Surprises are NO FUN! (How a lack of integrity can cost you big bucks in your business.)

Surprises are great for presents. Surprises are great for parties, but surprises in business are not any fun. Customers do not want to be surprised by what kind of services they’re getting. Customers don’t want surprises when it comes to billing. They want to know what to expect from you and know that they can […]

Don’t Slam the Door on Your Way Out!

When someone slams the door, the sound echoes in your head. That sound is the last thing you are left to think about.  It says something about the frame of mind of the person who just walked out. Often we hear about how important it is to make a good first impression, but endings can […]

How Do You Accommodate Your Clients When You Inconvenience Them?

Recently I was traveling; I was on an airplane ride. We were all lined up ready for takeoff when the pilot told us we had to go back to the gate for a possible mechanical problem. As they checked it out, there was a fuel leak and we all had to get off the plane […]