Don’t Break Up – Make Up!

As a business owner you put a lot of energy into building relationships. You court prospects until they are ready to buy. Once they become a client, you serve them to the best of your ability and build camaraderie. These are the fun parts of the relationship – the times when you like each other. […]

Two BIG Mistakes a Company Made That Caused Them to Lose My Business For GOOD!

Several months ago I decided to order ribbon in bulk online.  I use a fair amount of it in wrapping client gifts and decided to save some money by ordering it in bulk.  I did what most people do – I went online and searched for the ribbon I was looking for.  I found it […]

What happens when you can’t smell your own BO?

Have you ever been around someone who has BO or bad breath and they don’t even know it? You might hesitate to tell them the truth about the reason you don’t want to be around them.  As a mom of five kids, I find that happens a lot with the tweens and teens that don’t […]

Are You the Motel 6 of Your Industry?

When was the last time you stayed overnight at a motel or hotel?  When you knew you needed a place to stay, you had many options to choose from.  Each option would give you a slightly different experience. On one end you have the Motel 6 which is low-cost and they promise they’ll leave the […]

VIDEO: When you Can’t Smell Your Own B.O.