Thank-You Marketing: Get Real

          Guest Post by Kevin Donlin     Writing and mailing thank-you notes to your prospects and clients can help make your business 100% referral-driven. It’s done that for my business, in less than 3 years. In fact, I now refer to this simple, powerful concept as “Thank-You Marketing.” And yet, […]

A Little-Known Principle Your Business Can Benefit From

Tithing is a religious principle that can be found in ancient scriptures. Usually when you hear the principle of tithing, it is a religious institution that wants a donation. This principle asks us to give back to the source of our prosperity as an expression of gratitude. This principle can be applied to your business […]

Are You a Scrooge?

I think everyone’s familiar with the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol. If you haven’t read it before, you’ve probably seen a play or a movie or some adaptation of the story. Scrooge cares so much about business and the bottom line, that he doesn’t take time to notice the people around him and give […]

Surprising Simple Ways to Increase Retention in Group Programs

In group programs there’s a problem that develops. As a group gets bigger with more participants, each participant feels less connected to the head of the group as well as the other participants in the group. If the participants do not feel connected then they don’t renew for the group program. Helping group participants feel […]

Go From Fizzle to Sizzle

If you’ve ever been in a group program or run a group program, you’ll probably recognize the cycle that they go through. In the beginning of a group program, people are filled with excitement about the opportunity and the journey they’re beginning on, a new group of people they’re connecting with, a new leader of […]

VIDEO: Don’t Be a Scrooge

VIDEO: Increasing Connection In Group Programs

VIDEO: Engagement in Group Programs

Avoid a Taylor Swift Breakup with Your Clients

Have you ever heard the Taylor Swift song titled: We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together? Well, as I heard that song the other day, it made me think. I hope that you’re clients are not singing that song when they stop working with you. If you think about the message of that song, […]

A Sample Thank You Letter

One thing that stops people from writing thank you notes is deciding what to say. Sometimes it feels overwhelming to write the thank you note because you don’t know what to say.  Although your intentions are good, when you open the card to write, you’re drawing a blank. Today I’m going to share an example […]