Who was the last person to send you a thank you note?

For the past couple years, I have been a speaker gift sponsor for my local networking group. Each month I pick out a special gift that is a reflection of the speaker, their business, or their message. I love to do it. It is a great opportunity for me to showcase my talents and my […]

A Sample Thank You Letter

One thing that stops people from writing thank you notes is deciding what to say. Sometimes it feels overwhelming to write the thank you note because you don’t know what to say.  Although your intentions are good, when you open the card to write, you’re drawing a blank. Today I’m going to share an example […]

A Sample Thank You Letter

Keep Things Personal As You Grow

When a business starts out and it’s a little bit smaller, there is a lot of personal interaction with clients. Clients may have direct access to the owner of the company.   The owner can have one-on-one conversations because the business owner has more time. As a business grows, how do you keep that personal touch […]

When is the Best Time to Send a Thank You?

You know how important it is to send a thank you note for business, but some people wonder how soon you need to send it. Often you may feel that if you don’t send it out right away, it’s too late and then you’ve lost the chance. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t […]

Does it Have to be Handwritten?

There tends to be a lot of thank you note guilt.  I think it all begins when your mother hounds you to write a thank you note to the aunt who gave you an ugly sweater.  You know it is the right thing to do.  You appreciate what others do for you.  You also have […]