Surprising Simple Ways to Increase Retention in Group Programs

In group programs there’s a problem that develops. As a group gets bigger with more participants, each participant feels less connected to the head of the group as well as the other participants in the group. If the participants do not feel connected then they don’t renew for the group program. Helping group participants feel connected is vital to client retention in group programs like Masterminds.

There are some things that you can do to help foster that connectedness between you and the participants of the group. The key is that you need to be the one to initiate the connection. You are the leader of the group and the participants look to you to lead the group and initiate those connections. If you have a group that has somewhere between fifty and five hundred people in it, it can be overwhelming and very difficult to reach out to every one of those people, so you need to develop some sort of a system that’s going to make sure each person feels cared for by you.

One of the ways you can do this is by recognizing accomplishments. Watch the online group forum or private Facebook group for interactions and announcements.  You can recognize people who have made major accomplishments in their business, or participants that are very active within the group and helpful and supportive to other members. It’s great if you can reach out personally through social media, through solo emails to just one person, not the whole group, even picking up the phone and having a short phone call, just saying I’m thinking of you and I appreciate your business. I appreciate your participation in the group.

Another thing you can do is send out mailings. That’s one thing that we’re really gifted at at Touch Your Client’s Heart, is sending out fun and friendly mailings to groups of people to help them feel engaged and connected to you as a leader. It’s important in a group program that may last six months to a year that you have multiple mailings that go out to increase connectedness. That little marketing investment that you make to reach out to your clients will pay itself in dividends of renewals when the program is complete and it’s time to start a new program.

Clients all want to feel special. Everyone in the program wants to feel like they are important to you – not just a number in the group. You can help that happen for your clients in group programs. When you do, they want to stay with you because they like how it feels to be a part of the group. Make sure you make your group participants feel special through reaching out to them and initiating a connection.

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