Steps in a Relationship Marketing Plan

Knowing that it costs anywhere from 5 to 30 times more to gain a new client than retain an existing one, you are probably already sold on the value of a relationship marketing plan.  You understand how important it is for each person who has contact with your business to feel like a person, not a dollar sign. So now what?

Steps in a Relationship Marketing Plan

relationship marketingThe first step is how you welcome people. Whether they are a prospect, new client, transitioning to a former client, or a strategic partner, first impressions matter. You need to welcome them in a way that builds trust and lets them know what comes next.

Next you need an ongoing plan. How will you nurture the relationship until they get to their next step? This can include phone calls, snail mail, events and occasions. Appreciation is an important piece in nurturing relationships. For prospects, it is a system that answers their questions and nurtures the relationship until they are ready to buy. With clients, you need to show them that you care through the life of your work together. Past clients need you to keep in touch with them so they will remember you enough to hire you again and will refer people to you. Strategic partners need you to keep in touch regularly so they don’t forget you. You want to avoid the adage: out of sight, out of mind.

Finally, you need to answer the question: What’s next? Lead your prospects to the sale. Show your clients the next thing you can do for them. Remind past clients that you can help them again. Help your strategic partners give you regular referrals.


Once you have a system, it is easier to consistently reach out to every contact, customer, and partner. Each person goes through the same process where they feel taken care of and remembered. Chances are good that you do not have a relationship marketing plan. Chances are even better that you don’t have time to create one for yourself. I can help with that. During a strategy day, we can map out your welcome, ongoing, and what’s next plans for your business. When you walk away you will have a relationship marketing plan that is effective and doable. It will save you marketing dollars and increase your bottom line.

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