Stand Out, Be You

How many real estate agents do you know? Financial planners? Insurance agents? Whatever your industry, you probably know someone else who does what you do. Because of that you have to distinguish yourself from everyone else, stand out and build relationships. The more distinct and true to yourself you are, the more you will attract the right people. Seth Godin says it best:

Stand Out

This isn’t high school anymore. Instead of getting teased because you are different, you get noticed. (Which in business means people will buy from you.) Likewise, Sally Hogshead shares in her book, “How the World Sees You”:

Be You

When you are an independent professional or solo-entrepreneur, you need to lead with what makes you unique. Your personality, your brand, and the way you do things in your business will make you stand out from everyone else.

Your prospects need to trust you before they will buy and part of trusting you is knowing you. When you lead with who you are you build trust with your ideal prospects.

Be You to Stand Out

Start with your hobbies, interests, passions, and causes you care about. Take them and turn them into marketing, follow up or client appreciation themes. Use them to start conversations and build connections. There is only one you. Own it.

Sometimes you are too close to yourself and your business to see how to translate you into a unique way of doing things that will set you apart. This is something I am gifted at. I see the unique things about people and brands and translate them into unique ways of standing out and building relationships.

If you are looking for help to create a unique “you-centered” relationship marketing approach, I offer several blocks of one on one time with me. I can work with you for a half-hour, an hour, or a VIP day. You get all of me and my unique talents focused on your business and your uniqueness. I guarantee you’ll walk away with some amazing gems that you can start implementing right away.

Share with us – how do you stand out among your competitors? How do you uniquely share your personality in your business? Share in the comments.


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