Are you convinced you need to add relationship-building mail to your marketing plan?

If Yes – keep reading . . .

You may have heard about the results people are having from snail mail. When done right, it will:

  • Increase sales conversions
  • Reactivate clients
  • Build loyalty
  • Increase retention
  • Keep you top of mind
  • Increase referrals
  • Make your business STAND OUT

I’m not talking about adding your coupon to an envelope of coupons. This isn’t sending out promotional postcards with your most recent offer. To get these kind of results, you need to send mail that people will look forward to opening. When you become the best mail in their mailbox that day, you will see those results.

If you are ready to add snail mail to your marketing plan, you need two things:

  • A mailing list.
  • Content to mail to the list.

Your mailing list will come from your business database. This isn’t about buying a list and cold-mailing them. You are going to use snail mail to build relationships with people you have already had contact with.

Content takes time to come up with. What can you send that will get your recipient’s attention? What can you send without becoming annoying? How can you relate the content to what you do without being too pushy and salesy?

I have several options to provide you with content that you can send in the snail mail for your business. Keep reading to find the solution that is best for you.


Do you want a custom plan for your business?

Yes – go here for a custom plan.    No – keep reading . . .

Do you want someone to mail everything to your list for you?

Yes – schedule a phone call so I can learn your needs.

Do you want generic content that you can mail yourself?

Yes – keep reading . . .

Do you need a monthly reminder email to keep you on track?

Yes – check out Referral Road Map – 12 months of content delivered 1 month at a time.

No – see the Mail Pack below. Get 12 months of content all at once and use as needed.


The Mail Pack has content that you can mix and match to meet your needs from month to month. It includes:

  • 12 Unique topics – one for each month
  • 12 professionally designed PDF newsletters that you can print and send
  • 12 cover letter templates in Word that you can adapt, fill in the blanks, and personalize to your needs
  • 12 greeting card links that you can order in any quantity and send
  • 12 “Outside the Box” ideas that you can put in an envelope or padded envelope and send



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The beauty of this is you can mix and match these anyway you want. You can print in any quantity. Once you purchase the Mail Pack, it is yours to use however works for your business. Here are some ideas:

  • Send a greeting card on its own.
  • Send the newsletter with the personalized cover letter.
  • Include the newsletter in the greeting card.
  • Send the “Outside the Box” item with the personalized cover letter.
  • Go crazy and send everything!

Send the newsletter and personalized cover letter to a larger mailing list and send the greeting card to you top contacts.

“I used the Referral Road Map materials a little differently than some businesses. As a financial planner, I needed to do something to make myself stand out. I think a lot of clients worry that they will put their money and trust in me and then never hear from me again. Each month, I take the content, personalize it and send it to 250 people on my mailing list.


I had one client that I had called 13 times over a year’s time and didn’t get any response. After I sent him a mailing I finally got a message from his wife. She said, “Hi Liz. I know you’ve been trying to get hold of my husband. We have a lump sum of money we would like to invest for retirement.” Once I had a chance to sit down with them, I was able to find more than just the retirement funding to help them with. They ended up being a big client. I attribute it all to sending them mail. When phone calls weren’t working, sending fun snail mail got their attention.”

Lizabeth Wemeier

Thrivent Financial

Mail Pack A topics revolve around holidays and celebrations (some of them lesser known) like: National Cookie Month, Water Quality Month, Great Outdoors Month, Luck, etc.




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If you had to do this yourself, it would take hours of your time to research topics, find interesting facts, and create a letter that ties it all together. (I know, I spent those hours doing it for you.) Not only that, you could never find a graphic designer to make it all look professional at this price. (I know, I already paid her.)

If you know snail mail is the next step you need to take in order to stand out and increase your revenues,