She Noticed Me!

Not long ago I was talking with a colleague who had joined a large group program led by a well-known guru.  Due to the size of the group, she didn’t have direct access to the group leader, but the group leader was a big part of the reason she joined.  As she participated in the online forum, she shared and celebrated an accomplishment.  Soon she received a card and a gift in the mail congratulating her – from the group leader.  Her reaction was, “She noticed me.”


Being noticed by the group leader meant a lot to her.  It made her feel directly connected in a group where she could have been lost in the crowd.  That feeling of connection caused her to rave about the program she was in.  (That was great free advertising for the group leader which leads to referrals.)  It also made her feel a degree of attachment to the leader and the group that made her want to renew her membership for the next renewal cycle. (Client retention equates to higher profits and less work filling the program.)


No matter what business you are in and no matter what the size of your client list, clients look to you as an expert and celebrity.  They wouldn’t work with you if they didn’t admire and believe in you.  Imagine the impact it would have on your business if each of your clients felt noticed by you.  When you take the time to notice their accomplishments and be interested in who they are as a person, they feel more connected to you.  We like doing business with people we have a connection with.  We feel loyalty to businesses that care about us.


If you want to increase connection with your clients – start noticing things!  There are so many things you could notice.  You can keep track of birthdays and pay attention to life events like marriages, new babies, kids going off to college.  You can even notice the sad events, like loss of a loved one.  Watch for milestones and accomplishments.  Did your client win an award or celebrate 25 years with their company?  Taking the time to write a quick note or send an appropriate gift is a huge gesture that will touch your client’s heart.


Businesses are grown through relationships.  The more you can strengthen your relationships with your clients, the more loyal they will be to your business. Greater loyalty not only means greater income, it also brings greater fulfillment to your work.  If you need help finding ways to notice your clients, contact us.  We can help you find a great gift for any occasion.

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