Secrets to a Long and Prosperous Business Life

No one wants to be a “one hit wonder.”  Longevity means you have long-term clients who are staying around for a long time, and a business that is here to stay.  You want clients who aren’t there just for a quick taste of you, but clients who love what you do.  Clients who are your biggest fans stick around and keep coming back for more.

long-term clients

If you have long-term clients, you will make more money in a couple of different ways. One is just from consistent ongoing income from the clients that keep coming back. On top of that, the clients who like you enough to keep coming back are the ones who are going to naturally up sell into higher-end programs or services that you offer.  They will be the first ones you go to when you tell them about something new that you have. They’re more likely to buy from you because you already know that they like the service you provide. They’re happy with what you’ve given them so far and so they’re happy to pay you more when you give them more.

The other way long-term clients can help your  business is by becoming your best advocates and referral sources. If a client loves the work you do, they’re going to start telling their friends and spreading the word. When they hear that someone needs the service that you provide, of course, if they love you, they are going to automatically tell others about you.

Appreciation = Long-term Clients

Everybody wants to have good, long-term clients as a solid base that they can depend on for their income and who are going to keep coming back for more. The way to do this is to make your clients feel appreciated. Give them a little extra love. Show them how much they mean to you. One way you can do that is by providing great client appreciation gifts. When you do that, they know that you value their business, and it makes them even more certain to stick with you for the long haul.

A client who doesn’t feel appreciated is going to quickly go find someone else who provides that same service, maybe at a lower cost, maybe who just provides it in a different way. They may even be willing to pay more to have a relationship with a service provider who makes them feel appreciated and who they know values their business.

Make your clients feel appreciated and you’ll see a definite improvement in your bottom line. Your clients will spend more money long term. They will up sell to bigger programs and services, and they will tell their friends and draw in more customers for you. Sign up for a complimentary Client Loyalty Audit where we will identify the areas of your business that can be improved for increased income.


  1. This is a great reminder! Thank you. Sometimes I do find it easy to take my long-term loyal clients for granted. Stepping up my level of appreciation through a gift is a fun idea. Now…to think of one.

  2. Michelle Beckman says

    Appreciation is the name of the game! Right now, most of my clients hire me for one big project, but I still keep in touch with them long after the project is complete. We become family. I like to send them little notes and texts just to let them know that I’m thinking about them. These are great reminders of how invaluable the continued contact is.

    • Michelle,
      I’m so glad you find ways to stay in touch with former clients. They are the best source of referrals!

  3. Yes, this is so important. I have stayed with certain suppliers because of the extra care they have taken with me. It really does make a huge difference. Great blog!

    • Sarah,
      As consumers, we definitely tend to be more loyal to people who take good care of us. It’s important as a business owner to look at it through that lens.

  4. Such an important topic!! Appreciation in every part of our life is important.

    What’s interesting is that appreciation looks different to each individual. I’ve found it helpful to get to know what’s important to the person so I can make a meaningful difference to them.

    • Elda,
      That’s a great point. The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Gary Chapman and Dr. Paul White gives a lot of insight into the different preferences. The more personalized you make your appreciation, the better.

  5. Love your reminder, Deb! Everyone wants to feel appreciated. This is an area I need to focus on with my clients. .

    • Heather,
      It’s true. We all want to know we’re appreciated. Start small and simple so you can sustain it. Your clients will love it!

  6. Great tips Deb! We all like to feel appreciated. I agree with you that current and past clients can be great referral sources. It’s important to nurture those relationships and to let clients know how much I appreciate them. Gald to see you in this group, Deb!

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