Have you ever lost track of a promising prospect?

Have you ever found a potential referral partner and then lost touch with them?

Have you ever lost a good client for no specific reason?


Money is made or lost in your business because of the relationships you have with the people in your business.  The stronger your business relationships, the more money you will make.  You have been establishing relationships since the day you opened your doors, but some of those relationships have fallen through the cracks, been ignored, or inadvertently offended.

Growing your business costs time, energy and money. It costs far less of each of those to retain and uplevel clients than it does to constantly seek new clients. The best way to ensure clients who stay with you longer and upsell to higher priced programs and services is to pay attention to the quality and nurturing of your business relationships.

A Simple Solution

$ Relationships Into Revenues $

Building business relationshipsOur Relationships Into Revenues program is a thorough review of all the relationships in your business and how you can maximize, optimize, and monetize them in a way that works for you and your clients.  Whenever you lose touch with a business relationship, you lose money.  This will help you identify the areas in your business where you are losing opportunities and income so you can choose your next steps.

 Maximize Business Relationships

Our Relationships and Revenues package is designed to help your business make more money from the relationships you already have.

We begin with an in-depth phone call where we will dive into the 4 P’s in your business:

  1. Prospects
  2. Partners
  3. Present Clients
  4. Past Clients


We will discover how they come to you and what happens once the business relationship is established.

We will look at what you are already doing and find what we can add to it or change for better results.

At the end of this deep dive call, you will have homework and I will have homework.

Your homework will involve identifying the people in your business and compiling contact information. (You’ve got the easy part. Chances are you can do this in 10 minutes.)

My homework will be to customize and create your systems and procedures so either you or your team can implement them to maximize your profits.

This is a full year program. Each quarter, we will focus on 1 of your business relationships.

  • Month 1: Client Retention Plan call
  • Month 2: Client Retention implementation and accountability call
  • Month 3: Client Retention implementation and accountability call
  • Month 4: Prospect Nurturing Plan call
  • Month 5: Prospect Nurturing implementation and accountability call
  • Month 6: Prospect Nurturing implementation and accountability call
  • Month 7: Past Client Reactivation Plan call
  • Month 8: Past Client Reactivation implementation and accountability call
  • Month 9: Past Client Reactivation implementation and accountability call
  • Month 10: Referral Plan call
  • Month 11: Referral implementation and accountability call
  • Month 12: Referral implementation and accountability call

At the end of a year, not only will you have an incredible number of details to make your entire process run smoothly, you will also have implemented your plans into your everyday processes.


I Jane Anderson 2came across Deb when I was wanting new and fresh ideas for my programs and clients. Deb completely overdelivered what I expected and went above and beyond what I thought she would. She gave me so many practical tips and did so much research to find the items that she came up with. I would never have come up with the ideas she did and I tell many clients about her and her work. Highly recommended!

~Jane Anderson, http://jane-anderson.com.au/




The investment for this deep analysis and full year of support is only $10,000.  If you think this might be right for you and your business, schedule a call or contact us to see if this is the right fit.


Elda Dorothy“I’m falling in love with the all of the details you have provided for me. You have truly touched my heart because I feel like you REALLY ‘get me’ and how I’m trying to reach people. I feel like you heard me loud and clear. You understand what I am focusing on and how important it is to me. THANK YOU so much!”

~Elda Dorothy www.compassionatetruth.com



When you consider the lifetime value of a client, this is a drop in the bucket.  If you make as little as $500/client, this will pay for itself with 10 clients. Over the course of a year, that should be easy to do. Putting these things in place in your business will help you:

  • Increase Sales Conversions
  • Increase Client Retention
  • Increase Referrals
  • Reactivate Former Clients

Any one of the above items should bring more than your investment back to the bottom line of your business.

It not only pays for itself, it creates revenue for years


Before you commit to the investment, let’s talk to make sure it is right for you.


 If this is exactly what you’ve been searching for, click the button below to invest and schedule your first call.




I’m looking forward to partnering with you to help you maximize your business relationships!

With love and gratitude,