Recruit Your Perfect Referral Team

referral teamRecruiters look for the best talent to bring to their team whether it is a sports team, a college or a business. Even as a solo-professional or a sales representative, you can scout for the best talent and recruit referral partners to help you grow your business. Approaching your referral team like a recruiter, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Create a profile. Determine what industry, demographic, and personality would make a good referral partner for you. Just like you craft your ideal client profile, create an ideal referral partner profile.
  2. Conduct a search. Once you know what you are looking for, start your search. You may have some contacts you already made that have potential. Then reach out to your sphere of influence and ask for what you are looking for. Focus your networking on groups that your ideal referral partners will attend.
  3. Interview. Rather than grilling a potential referral partner, get to know them on the phone or in person. As you get a feel for their personality and the types of people they have regular contact with, you will know if they have potential to send you referrals.
  4. Evaluate. Follow up your meeting with a thoughtful note. Then consider if they would make a good addition to your referral team.
  5. Offer. In some situations, you may have a formal referral incentive program or affiliate program to present to potential referral partners. You might not make a formal offer to a referral partner, though. You just have stay top of mind with them. Keep in contact with them consistently and they will remember you when they run across the perfect client for you.

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