Reconnect with Acquaintances to Build Your Business

ReconnectRecently, I was at an event where I had the opportunity to reconnect with many people I had met through the years in different situations. Some I recognized their faces. Others their name rang a bell. One woman said she thought I looked familiar – we are Facebook friends. Connections like these acquaintances are only surface relationships because they haven’t been nurtured.

Some of the people in the room I knew well. I know their name. I can recall how we met. We have a story together. Those are the people I stay in touch with in one way or another.

Realistically, you can’t expect to create a deep relationship with everyone you meet. And some people aren’t a good personality fit so you don’t want to pursue more of a relationship. But when you are looking for a new client or referral partner, consider the acquaintances you have met over the years. It only takes a few steps to turn an acquaintance into a business relationship.

Reconnect with Acquaintances

Here are 3 ways you can warm up an acquaintance and explore the potential for a business partnership:

  1. Make a phone call. Say, “I know it has been a while, but I was thinking of you. I wondered if you would be interested in getting together to get to know each other better.” Then see what happens.
  2. Send a message on Linked In. Your message could read something like this: “I’m trying to get to know my connections better on Linked In and wondered if you have time for a phone call so I can get to know you better and be a resource for you.”
  3. Have a 1-1. Once you have reached out to the contact, meet in person or over the phone. Get to know them. Find out what their wants and needs are and see what you can do to connect them to any resources they may need. Don’t turn this meeting into a sales pitch, unless they specifically ask about working with you. Relationships take time. This is just the first step.

Once you have reconnected with the acquaintance, continue to communicate. Send them an interesting article. Connect them with valuable resources. Refer new prospects to them. As you build the relationship over time, you may find opportunities to collaborate or earn their business.

Have you ever reconnected with an acquaintance in a way that turned into business opportunities? Do you know everyone on your Linked In connections well enough to help them? Can you think of someone you would like to reconnect with? Share in the comments below.

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