How to quadruple your open rate.

Email marketing is here to stay, but its effectiveness is decreasing. Email is a great way to reach a lot of people at a low investment of time and money. You can reach an email list of thousands all at once. The problem is, in boxes are overflowing and open rates have dropped. According to Mail Chimp, for a company size of 1-10 employees, the average open rate is 21.53%. Just over 1/5 of your contacts are actually opening your emails and reading what you have to say. Constant Contact shares that in the consulting and training industry the average is 12.87%. Financial Advisors have an open rate of 17.15%, while Real Estate is at 15.63%. It’s pretty dismal for a business trying to get someone’s attention.

open rateThe open rate for snail mail, on the other hand, is at the opposite end of the spectrum. Statistics tell us that 98% of people in America check their mail every day. 77% sort through it as soon as they receive it. Certainly, some items are immediately thrown out (think advertisements, credit card offers, and junk mail). But the vast majority of mail is actually opened.

Imagine the odds of your mail being opened by someone who already knows you – someone who has a relationship with you. Now the open rate is probably around 99.99%. If you want to make sure your message is getting opened, send it through snail mail. The same message you put in an email that about 20% of the recipients opened, will now get opened and seen by at least 4 times as many people.

Increase your snail mail open rate

When you look through a pile of mail, you are probably instantly drawn to certain pieces. You probably prioritize and choose to open the best mail first. Here are some things that will grab attention and cause people to want to open yours first.

  • Return address. When you see that the mail is from someone you know, you are instantly curious about what they sent.
  • Hand written address. Most everything in your mailbox is automated. If someone took the time to hand write your name, you are probably interested in what they have to say.
  • Size and shape. Most mail is sent in a number 10 envelope. Send anything other than that and it will stand out. Instantly recognizable is an envelope that contains a card. Three dimensional, lumpy mail, or packages are the most interesting to receive.
  • Color. How many white envelopes have you seen this week? A different colored envelope will grab your attention immediately.

You probably see the value in sending snail mail for your business, but you may struggle with knowing WHAT to send. If you are ready to add some snail mail to your marketing plan, check out my snail mail content program. I’ll provide you with what to send every month. All you have to do is order, print and send. I guarantee open rates far above what you get through email.


  1. Great tips on sending snail mail — thank you, Deb!!!

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