Push the Pause Button on Email Follow Up

email follow upEmail follow up is quick, easy and inexpensive. You can send it whenever you think of it. It doesn’t matter if your prospect lives in a different time zone you don’t have to worry about what time it is. If you are working late, you won’t interrupt them.

The problem with email follow up is it is overdone. We are so inundated with email that most people can’t get to the bottom of their inbox. Do they really want one more email to respond to? Push pause on all those emails going out and do something different from everyone else.

When you need to stay in front of a prospect for 6 months or more or when you want to stay in front of centers of influence, use friendly snail mail. If you send things that are interesting, your prospects and partners will remember you. Then when you need to send an email, they will be more likely to open it and respond. They will look forward to your phone calls. You will become interesting rather than annoying. You will stand out.

Email follow up won’t be remembered

 “It’s not about getting noticed, it’s about being remembered.” ~Giorgio Armani


Using snail mail in fresh new ways does both. Your contacts will notice you because you are doing something different. They will remember you because they physically interacted with your mail piece and because you are consistently sending things out.

If you are sold on sending snail mail, but don’t know where to begin, you’ll want to look into my snail mail content program. For one low price, you will receive 12 months of content ideas that you can quickly personalize, print and send. Your prospects will notice you for doing something different and remember you for the impression it made.

If you want to be remembered, do something different. Make an impression. Use snail mail in friendly, innovative ways and you will be remembered. Use it to complement your email follow up.

I’m curious, have you used snail mail to follow up? Have you received snail mail from a business that made you take notice? Share your experiences in the comments below.



  1. I received snail mail from you, first thing I noticed mainly because I was not expecting it and it really made feel like a valued member of your community.

    • John,
      I’m so glad you received the snail mail and that it made you feel welcome. I love to surprise people.

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