Projects we LOVE!

Sales call giftSales Call WOW

This client needed to get her foot in the door with some new prospects. We combined products from her company along with branded items from her prospects’ companies and tied them all together with an antique key saying she was “your key to” and then listing benefits of working with her company.

After presenting each prospect with their own silver platter of goodies, they were much more eager to set up an appointment with her. She said, “Results are pouring in Deb!! Thanks a ton!”


Client Appreciation NotebooksEnd of Project

Client Appreciation Gifts

This client always had good intentions to thank her clients at the end of a project, but continually got busy in her business and didn’t get it done.

Because she works with small business owners on their online presence, she had access to their branding graphics. We decided to create branded notebooks that the business owners could take to networking and business meetings.

Over and over again, when she sends gifts, she gets more business because of it. Clients are reminded of her and decide to move forward with new projects after receiving their notebooks. The cost of sending gifts pays for itself in new business.

Holiday gift for clientsHoliday Gifts

This client wanted to recognize all of her clients with an end of the year gift. Her business helps women entrepreneurs tell their stories more powerfully to help grow their businesses. She wanted one gift that could universally touch all of her clients.

We chose these pretty notebooks with coordinating pens. Each notebook said inside, “It is here where she must begin to tell her story.” The theme tied in perfectly with her work and her brand, while still being individual to the uniqueness of each client.

She received incredible feedback from her clients including a video of what one client had created with her new journal.


Mail examplesLove Mail

A client who relies heavily on referrals for new business wanted to keep in touch with former clients to help generate new business. We sent a variety of low cost things in the mail as a way to stay top of mind for referrals.

In less than a year, the business added a second agent to their practice because business was booming!

Sympathy gift for clientSympathy Gift

The business owner’s client lost a child and wanted a way to acknowledge their loss. We chose an inspirational book along with a holiday ornament that will help keep the memory alive each year at the holiday season.

The client was touched that a business would recognize an event in their personal lives.