Pay Attention to the Details

Pay attention to the details in your business.  They can make or break your business. Getting the details right can mean the difference between getting a job or not getting a job, keeping a great customer and losing a great customer.  You need to remember names, requests, all the details of the interactions that you have with your customers.

pay attention to the details

As you get to know your customers, pay attention to the details about them and about their lives. It’s those personal details that help you get to know them better and deepen your relationship with them. Things like their hobbies, their family, do they have kids, grand-kids, a significant other? Are there things going on in their extended family? Do they have parents that they are caring for? All of these little details are  important to them as a person. When you pay attention to those details, you find out what matters most to your clients.

How to Use the Details

Once you have the details, you will want to keep track of them in your client file so you don’t forget them.  In the course of getting to know that client, you probably know many things about them already. You can incorporate those details into your interactions with your clients and into your client gifting. This will create more value for your clients. It makes your clients feel more understood. It shows them you’ve been listening to them and you know about them.

If you incorporate something that’s important to them into a gift, then the gift will be important to them, too.  They will value that gift and  value the giver, which is you and your business. It puts a more personal touch on your relationships.

One of the things you can pay attention to is hobbies. If you have a client that is passionate about a hobby, and you send them a gift that relates to that hobby, it will mean a lot to them and they will feel valued and understood.

Extended Family Details

If they have children and you know what they are involved in, then you can even send a little something in the mail to their child to celebrate an event in their child’s life. As a mother, if someone does something nice for my child, that elevates them in my mind because they’ve taken the time to recognize my child.

There are all sorts of ways to use this information.  If you just pay attention to the details, you can incorporate those details into your gift-giving and your interactions. Take time to ask your clients about those things in their lives.  It will deepen their relationship with you, and cause them to appreciate you as a business person.   When you have a stronger relationship with clients, they stay longer with you, and if they stay longer with you, you make more money.

If you’re stuck on how to incorporate those details into a gift, please schedule a call. We can help you develop a repeatable strategy to pay attention to the details and use them to build business relationships.

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