Once in a Lifetime

When you develop a long term relationship with a client, you get to know them on a personal level.  You learn about their family.  You are excited to hear about a client’s wedding or new baby.  When major life events like these come up, you may wonder how to recognize the event. 

Client Baby Gift

If you know a client well enough to know they are getting married or expecting a baby, it is a great opportunity to show your support with a card or client baby gift.  If you don’t know the client well, a card is probably appropriate.  The longer you have known the client and the deeper the relationship, the more you’ll want to invest in recognizing them.

Because these are very personal life events, take the time to pick out a personalized client baby gift.  Anything you can add names and dates to, will make the gift a keepsake.  The longer they keep the gift around, the longer they will remember the giver.

Anyone can pick up a gift card or purchase something off a registry.  That would be a thoughtful gift.  Because this is coming out of a business budget, you want to be more than thoughtful.  You want to make an impact!  You can spend the same amount of money either way, so make your dollars count.

An example of a client baby gift that will make an impact is to purchase a blanket with the child’s name and birthday embroidered on it.  Another great gift for a new baby is a personalized book that features their name.  These are gifts that the baby won’t grow out of in a few months.  They will be used over and over again.  Each time the parent uses that item, they will think of the thoughtfulness of the giver – you!

client baby gift

Client Wedding Gift

Wedding gifts can also be personalized.  Recently, someone was looking for a gift for a client who is eloping.  We found some great wall art that could be personalized with the names of the couple.  When an item like that hangs on your wall for years, it is a lasting memory of the event as well as the giver.

The goal of investing in your clients for once in a lifetime occasions like this is to celebrate with them and deepen your relationship with them.  When they keep a meaningful gift and remember your business for giving the gift, you have made a lasting impression that will give you a long term return on investment.

If you struggle to know what the appropriate gift is for special occasions and how much you should spend, contact Touch Your Client’s Heart.  We specialize in memorable gift giving and can help you pick the perfect client baby gift or wedding gift.

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