My Holiday Manifesto

Today I am issuing my holiday manifesto to business owners everywhere. This holiday season, I am begging you NOT to send me a holiday gift. I don’t want to receive anything from you in the month of December if you are a business owner and you have a business relationship with me. I’ll tell you why. December, for me, is personal. I have a personal holiday that I celebrate.  It is a time for my family.

Different people celebrate a different holidays in December.  If you’re a business owner you have to play the politically correct game and wonder whether you should send a Christmas gift, a Hanukkah gift, or something else.  It’s always a little bit tricky.

holiday gift

For most people, the holidays are about family.   Your clients want to focus on giving and receiving gifts with their families. They don’t want to think about business during the holidays. When the holidays roll around, businesses feel obligated to do something for their clients. And so, out of obligation, they throw something together.  It may not be very meaningful, but they do it because they feel like they have to do it.

Don’t Send a Holiday Gift

Today I’m giving you permission stop sending holiday gifts in December. If you wish to send me a gift as a business because I am your client, please do it at a time that makes sense for business. Think about the relationship you have with any of your clients. That is what you need to celebrate; not the holidays.

December is the worst time you can send a gift to you clients because it gets lost in the crowd. It gets lost in the crowd of the gifts they give and receive with their family members. The month is filled with advertisements and busyness and craziness. Their lives are crowded with gifts that other businesses send out.

If you can take the time to choose a holiday at another time of the year that makes sense for your business and aligns with what you do, then send me a gift at that time of year. First of all, it will stand out because I’m not getting a gift at another time of the year as a client.  Second, it will be meaningful because the holiday will relate to what you do.  It won’t get lost in the crowd. No one else sends me gifts then.

Let me have December as my personal time to celebrate the holidays with the people that are important to me and my personal life, and don’t send me a gift. If you’re a business who does business with me, send your business appreciation gifts at another time of the year when you can make it meaningful, but don’t send them in December.

If you need help finding an alternative holiday to celebrate, schedule a call.  We’ll help you find a holiday that will be meaningful and will make you stand out.

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