Mother’s Day Ideas for your Busines

Sunday is Mother’s Day in the United States. If you are curious what most people give their mother on this holiday, here is what the National Retail Federation reports:

  1. Cards (77%)
  2. Flowers (69%)
  3. Take her out to eat (55%)

This year, they expect more money to be spent on jewelry than any other category of gift, for a total of $4.6 billion.

Although Mother’s Day is a personal holiday, there are still opportunities to use it in your business. If your clients are primarily mothers, it is a great opportunity for you to send a card wishing them a happy Mother’s Day. You could also have a Mother’s Day sale or special offer.

Be sure to recognize that Mother’s Day is not happy for everyone. Some women wish to be a mother, but it hasn’t happened yet. Others have lost their mother or may have a difficult relationship with their mother or children.

A client of mine that specializes in pregnancy, moms, and children sends Mother’s Day cards to all her mom patients.

A colleague of mine is hosting the Stress-free Mom Summit for moms with kids ages 3-12. She also launched a new book, A Stress-free Family: Chaos to Calm in Only 28 Days.

Another colleague and client of mine created a blog post for Mother’s Day – The Ultimate Healthy Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Check it out here. 

You can also celebrate pet moms or grandmas, if those are your clients.

Want to spend an hour with me to strategize how to use Mother’s Day or any other holiday to build loyalty in your business? I offer a 1- hour Relationship Marketing Recommendations call where I will give you custom recommendations for whatever area you want fresh ideas for or an area you are struggling with. You can come to the call with specific questions or just tell me you don’t know what to do.

So, I want to know – What are you doing to celebrate Mother’s Day? How do you honor your mother? Do you have a favorite Mother’s Day gift suggestion? Do you have a great idea to celebrate it in your business? Share in the comments.

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