Memorable Mail: Fun snail mail ideas for Lemonade Day

Check out these fun snail mail ideas centered around a packet of lemonade.

You may not have realized it, but Sunday, May 7, 2017 was Lemonade Day. I used the holiday as a springboard for one of my fun snail mail ideas. These individual sized lemonade powder packets were sweetened with Stevia, so they were on the healthy side in case anyone on my list is health conscious.

The letter began with this message:fun snail mail ideas

Life doesn’t have to give you lemons for you to make lemonade. In fact, Sunday, May 7th, 2017 is Lemonade Day! That is a good reason to enjoy a glass, so I’m enclosing a lemonade packet to help you celebrate the day.

Some other messages that would go well with the lemonade theme:

  • I help clients turn their lemons into lemonade as we work on (their health goals, their finances, their business, their remodeling project, etc.).
  • I love a refreshing, cold glass of lemonade on a hot day. One thing that is refreshing about the work I do is ________.
  • I’ve been wanting to connect with you. Let’s set up a time to meet over (the phone, Skype, Zoom) and each enjoy our glass of lemonade!

The weight of the packets were .11 oz. each, which is light enough to only need a standard stamp with the US Postal Service. According to, they can charge a surcharge for lumpy envelopes that are under 1 oz. if they are not able to be processed by their machines. This was thin enough that it could still be machine processed.

The result of my fun snail mail ideas:

As I have run into people in person, the first thing they said was, “Thanks for the lemonade.” An out-of-state recipient mention it on social media. My letter included a brief update about the things I have been doing in my business. I took the time to write a couple sentences on each letter to extend a personal message to each person.

Want to copy my ideas?

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Have you ever sent or received something memorable in the mail? What was it? Share in the comments. I love getting new fun snail mail ideas!

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