Make your Mail Memorable – How to Use Snail Mail for a Bigger Impact

Every day when my husband comes home he asks if we got mail and where it is so he can go Mailboxthrough it. Coming home and seeing what is in the mail is a natural part of most people’s routine. Typically, people take a lot of the mail and stick it straight into the trash or recycling bin without even opening it. Other pieces are set aside to go through later – like bills or other important but boring pieces. A few pieces attract enough attention to get opened right away.

Now that everyone has jumped on the internet bandwagon and developed an email marketing system, snail mail is becoming rare. Sending things virtually is a great cost-effective way to reach a large group of people. Mail costs a bit more, but if you target your mailing list, it can be a great way to stand out.

Who should you send to?

The best way to use mail in your business is to send to people you already know. This might be referral partners, clients, past clients, or prospects you have already made contact with, depending on your goals and your industry. There is a great advantage in sending mail to people who know you. When they see an envelope from you – they want to open it. Because they know you, it produces a different feeling than random direct mail pieces from companies they have never done business with. There is already an established interest.

What makes mail more memorable?

How many times has someone asked you if you received their email and you had to stop and think about it? Most people open so many emails each day that they have to be reminded what it was about and sometimes they still don’t remember it.

Mail EnvelopeSnail mail is more memorable than email partly because it involves so many senses. You see the envelope and what is inside of it. You hear the sound it makes if there is anything included in the envelope and the sound of the paper ripping as it is opened. You touch the envelope and its contents as you handle them. Depending upon what is inside, you may even smell and taste what is inside. The more senses you activate, the more memorable it becomes.

You can make it more memorable by any interaction the recipient has with it – scratch the code, plant the seeds, eat the candy. Any emotions your mailing evokes will also increase the connection your mail makes with the recipient – funny jokes, adorable animals, or inspiring words.

How should you use mail?

Sending mail requires extra time and extra costs when compared to email, so use it wisely. Use it to make a more powerful connection with people. If you have a long sales cycle, you can use it to connect with prospects over time to increase your sales conversion. If you rely heavily on referrals, sending mail to your referral partners keeps you top of mind. You can develop a reactivation sequence to send to former clients to encourage them to come back. With all of these scenarios, make it more about the relationship and less about selling. The sales and referrals will come naturally when people know you care. If your mail is always pushing for a sale, you risk becoming the mail that gets immediately discarded.

Touch Your Client’s Heart has developed a specialty in sending out love mail that strengthens relationships and builds business at the same time. If you don’t know what to send or who to send it to, contact us. We can help you make a big impact on your business relationships.


  1. I love this Deb and couldn’t agree more that “snail mail” makes a great impression, it shows you took the time to care a little more than the rest.

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