Lessons Learned on an Airplane

When was the last time you rode on a commercial airplane? I was thinking about the difference between first class clients and business class clients on the airplane.  First class is where everyone wants to be.  In first class they get preferential treatment in a lot of different ways. They can be the first ones to board if they want to. Their seats are more spacious.  As soon as they’re on board, the flight attendants are attending to every need they have. They’re offering them food, something to drink, a pillow, and a blanket.  The flight attendants will do anything to make the first class passengers more comfortable.

First class clients

First class passengers get more individual attention, while the people in business class, don’t get that extra special attention.   The flight attendants will still take care of all their needs.  However, they don’t have as much room, and they have to wait longer to get attention when they need something. The flight attendants have to divide their time between more people in business class. It takes longer – one at a time handing out the little snack and the half a glass of soda.   Up front there’s just more of everything.

Your First Class Clients

In your business you probably have your “first class” customers and you have your “business class” clients in the back. People will often come into your business in the business class. They’re in with the masses. They’re in with a big group program or a lower priced sampling of your services.  While you definitely want to meet their needs, and make them happy, you shouldn’t give them as much attention as you do your first class clients.

Your first class clients are the ones who paid a little more. On the airplane, those first class tickets cost more, and that’s why they get more attention. Your first class clients are the ones who have upgraded to your premium packages and programs. They may be a private client. When they do that, they are investing more in you and you, likewise, should invest more in them. You should give them more personal attention. Make sure that they are happier. Reach out to them more often.

First Class Gifts

When it comes to client gifting, your business class clients are not going to get the same caliber gifts as your first class clients. You should spend a little more money on your top clients.

In order to keep higher end clients coming back to you and spending more money on you, give them more attention. Give them a higher-quality gift to thank them for their business. Don’t ignore the people in your other programs because those are the ones who are going to eventually upgrade to your first class programs.  Take care of all of your clients. Just make sure you give the most of yourself and you invest the most in your top clients because they are the ones who are investing the most in you.

If you need help figuring out how to create different levels of client care for different levels of clients, please contact us. We have a lot of great ideas of how to make those first class clients really feel like they really are first class.

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